Friday, October 20, 2006


Those who wear the badge do not fear death; death fears those who wear the badge. Darkwatch is a mysterious secret society that has protected humanity from evil for centuries. This first-person shooter combines the lawless action of the Wild West with the blood-spattered horror of modern vampire movies. Featuring a deep story-driven adventure and adrenaline-fueled multiplayer combat, players get the ultimate gun-slinging experience!

  • Take on the role of Jericho Cross, a train robber, who through a horrific event is now taking on the form of a vampire and is now a member of the Darkwatch.
  • Wide range of weapons true to the old west and enhanced for Darkwatch purposes, all with a secondary melee ability to blast the undead.
  • Weapons include pistols, rifles, shotguns, rocket-launchers and dynamite!
  • Fire at enemies from vehicles and while riding horseback.
  • Location-specific damage!
  • Experience a living west with massive seamless worlds, non-linear missions and dynamic enemy and NPC A.I. driven by a reputation and experience system.